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Type of publication:Mastersthesis
Entered by:Oey
Title Cross-Platform Generative Agent Migration - An Agent Factory Approach
Bibtex cite IDGroot:04
Year published 2004
Month January
School Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Note MSc thesis report, Supervisor: prof.dr. F.M.T. Brazier, Referee: dr. B.J. Overeinder, Advisors: drs. S. van Splunter & dr. N.J.E. Wijngaards
In some agent applications agents need to move between locations to perform their tasks. Agent migration, however, is often complicated by the heterogeneous nature of the agent environment. For example, the platform from which an agent migrates (source-platform) may not be compatible with the platform to which the agent migrates (destination platform). Different solutions for cross-platform agent migration are possible. This thesis addresses one such solution, called generative migration. Instead of transporting the agent itself, a blueprint of the agent is sent to its destination. There, an Agent Factory regenerates the agent using its blueprint. This thesis continues earlier work on generative migration by extending available theory and providing a demonstration and implementation of generative cross-platform agent migration.
de Groot, D. R. A.
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Total mark: 5

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